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Chinese New Year: 2014, Year of the Horse

The Chinese New Year is by far the most important and longest holiday in China.
The date 31 January 2014 is determined by the Chinese Lunar calendar and the year will be 4712

According the Chinese calendar, and as it is a lunar one, the beginning of each month is on the darkest day of this month. Traditionally, the New Year’s celebrations will start on that day and continue for 2 weeks when the moon is “full” and brightest.

People in China will sometimes take a 2-4 weeks’ vacation to stay with their families, taking in consideration that getting back home may take a week each way, does not leave much time for celebrations.

Why is it called the year of the “Horse”?

According to some legends, Buddha invited all animals to meet with him on the Chinese New Year, just 12 showed up. Buddha created a cycle of 12 years were each year is named after one of these animals. Furthermore he stated that people born in each year will have some of that animal’s personality.

People who were born on the year of the Horse may be cheerful, rich and skilfull, witty, talented, Handymen, and perceptive.

Wishing all a happy New Year of the Horse

Eli Beck (born in the year of the Rooster)