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ShungHui old Logo

ShungHui old Logo

WH Group - new Logo

WH Group – new Logo

ShuangHui International announced a name change. The newly re-named “WH Group” will apply for a USD 6b IPO in Hong Kong and a USD 1m IPO in Harbin – by far the largest IPO in Asia for years. The ShuangHui new logo show their goal to gain a higher international image: Their spokesman explained the new logo by showing four white waves representing the major oceans, and the rest of the red pieces symbolize the world’s continents. The former WH Group recently acquired Smithfield Foods (US), establishing the pew position as the world’s largest pork supplier.

Last week, China published the annual policy; many call it the “farm bill”. In it we can see the first time “eco-agriculture”. We believe that publicly listed green fertilizer companies, will be the major beneficiary. Beyond sustainability, the Policy signals significant shift in China’s agricultural commodities pricing system, and increased investment in agriculture logistics, in order to support improved safety of fresh food products.

We support and encourage these kinds of initiatives, leading China to a better and healthier way of life.